All my life I had few moments of true pure happiness, and then just darkness.
At certain point I started to believe that Life it’s just like that, or at least it was like that for me. Months and months of sadness for few moments of joy.
I felt lost, tired of life. I went into depression. I had panic attacks, anger attacks. I couldn’t find many reasons to live.
And that state of mind ruined myself, and affected people around me too. I’ve been a pain for my family. I’ve pushed away friends. I’ve lost interest in doing sport, music and art.
Then a person who truly loves me -and that had enough of tolerating my behaviour- asked me to go to a workshop: “Unleash your Genius”.
And that day my life changed. Forever.
The workshop itself didn’t teach me much, but enough to push me to go to next level: “Meet your Genius”. And at that workshop something truly unexpected happened: for the first time in my life I’ve been able to accept myself. To accept the fact I’m not damaged and I don’t need to be fixed. To accept the fact that I am as I am for a reason.
And that moment I knew I couldn’t go back, I felt just well.
I’ve then done other levels of training, and soon I’ll do more as I feel I’m getting happier and happier.

It all started that Saturday, just a few hours. That was my call to happiness, and a call to become the best version of myself I could possibly be. It was a call to live my true nature and purpose, to unleash the creativity I’ve repressed for so long.

It hasn’t been always easy: I had to look at my fears in the eyes, and I had (and still have) to keep fighting my old self coming back again and again.

Eventually, I’ve discovered that this inner, painful conflict is also a unique raw material I can use to create the Art I love. Since then I’ve never stopped, neither compromised. Sometimes I create great stuff, other times not really, but I’ve never felt so free. I’ve never felt so alive.

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