"I am Emanuele “Renton” Fortunati a mixed media artist for a long time disguised as a computer programmer."


my art

I believe in every human being there’s an inner conflict between the desire to shine and the fears that hold a person back. This conflict deeply fascinates me because it manifests differently in each person. With my art, I give a shape to this eternal battle between Ego and Soul.

I usually depict what I sense in other people. My process involves connecting energetically to the Ego and the Spirit of a person and allowing the colours to fill the canvas from that space. This usually comes in the form of a portrait.

Sometimes I also connect to myself to reflect about my own journey. In this case the final work is typically abstract, expressing what my words can’t explain. Most of the time I’m conscious during the whole process, but occasionally I may fall into a trance state. I become a channel for a message from somewhere else.

I work in acrylics. The way they melt together and allow me to paint different layers very quickly works organically with my creative process. I usually finish a painting by adding random splats of colour. These represent the uniqueness in every person. This also creates an adrenaline rush from the knowledge that I could ruin a good work in just few seconds.



I am Emanuele “Renton” Fortunati a mixed media artist for a long time disguised as a computer programmer.

I was born in Milan, Italy and from an early age was fascinated with art; the majesty of colour and the draw of the blank canvas however I was afraid that I didn’t have the skills and the talents to become a great artist so I stayed safe. I poured my energy into studying robotics and informatics; forcing my creativity into what I thought the world wanted from me.
Shortly after my graduation life set up its hardest test – the sudden death of my mum who I loved dearly.
I left home at the age of 24, and moved to London, UK, where the busyness became an escape from the pain but in London I also discovered a new love for the vibrant energy of the underground art scene.
The forgotten artist in my robotic heart started to cry for attention. The existential battle led me into depression. In this darkness I had to choose; choose to stay safe and dead or take a journey through danger and demons to find my heart.
I choose to find my heart and have the journey to go deeper and deeper within continues to reveal the true fuel of my creativity.

Today, I live with my wife and children in a small town in the mountains of Catalunya, Spain. I paint, write, run in nature and use the power of what I have learnt in my journey to guide the brave to connect with their own Creative Spirit.