ROA at Stolen Space

Huge, amazing animals painted with ROA‘s unique style: this is “Hypnagogia” exhibition at Stolen Space.

An artwork by ROA at Stolen Space

An artwork by ROA at Stolen Space


If you are following my blog you probably know I’m a big fan of ROA’s art, however until now I didn’t have the opportunity of seeing any exhibition in a gallery. Of course I’ve seen many ROA’s pieces around the streets of London, but I think for a street artist bringing the work in a gallery is always a challenge: the artworks may no fit indoor, or the artist may try something different or new that doesn’t meet the expectations.

Keeping these considerations in mind, I finally went to Stolen Space to “judge” myself whatever or not ROA was able to successfully bring his amazing animals in a gallery.

An artwork by ROA at Stolen SpaceThe show was held in two different locations: the permanent gallery and an old funeral house, quite weird, but perfect for ROA’s work!
Apart for a stunning huge skull painted on a wall and a big bird painted on wardrobe parts that you could open to see the animal interiors, the permanent gallery didn’t have much else to offer, just few small pieces.

Nice works indeed, but nothing really new or special.

Nothing really compared to the funeral house, where the artist really did an exceptional work using the exposition space in the best possible way: big animals painted everywhere, some of them on wood boxes that you could open to see the animal skeleton or interiors, others on wall and others again on small furnitures.¬†Apart for ROA’s unique style and skills, what I really enjoyed has been the way he used the house space, perspective and other elements like small mirrors to show the artworks in a new, different way.

An artwork by ROA at Stolen SpaceAfter seen the exhibition I think ROA has been really able to bring his work from the streets to the gallery in an amazing, successful way and he confirms himself as a real great artist.

I usually end a review featuring my favourite piece, but this time it’s quite difficult to make a choice because the works I liked are really too many; anyway, for creativity and originality I think the bird with the skeleton painted back in a mirror is the best work (picture on the bottom).

A final mention to ROA’s new book launched at Stolen Space during the preview: it’s really stunning. A limited edition full of artworks, animal anatomy studies, unique sketches, transparent slides that show the artist’s multi-layer works and pictures who inspired the ROA’s work.

This is a must see exhibition if you are in London, otherwise here all my pictures.

An artwork by ROA at Stolen Space

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