Best of the Week #75

Another week is on the end and Renton’sRoom Best of the Week 75 is ready for you. Many things happened during this past week: a new Banksy appeared here in London, and I’ve “discovered” the Seize Art Fare, that will be in London as well next week. I cannot really wait!

An artwork by Lora Zombie

An artwork by Lora Zombie

Let’s start introducing Lora Zombie, a great artist I’ve just discovered thanks to my work with Signal Gallery. I really like her style and technique and if you want to see more works here her website. I also suggest to have a look at her YouTube Channel: there are a lot of making-of and other stunning video by the artist.


And now my Best of the Week:

Traditional Art
Guy Denning portrait by Joni Belaruski

A stunning portrait of Guy Denning by Joni Belaruski. I think Joni’s style is great and if you want to see more artworks here her website.

Digital Art
A Digital Artwork by Roberto Grosso

An amazing digital portrait by Roberto Grosso. This and other artworks here.

Photograph of the Week
A picture by Lois Greenfield A great creative photograph by Lois Greenfield. In this page a nice collection of her pictures.
Video of the Week
A frame from the video Thomas Witte - Paper Cut Artist A nice video interview with Thomas Witte, paper cut artist. I think his artworks are really incredible!
Special of the Week
A CD Portrait by Joseph Vassie This week’s special is a nice portrait by Joseph Vassie. What’s really great is the way he made it: just using a CD!

All the artworks are copyrighted by the Artists, Renton’sRoom only uses these images to promote them.

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