Best of the Week #72

Another week on the end and Renton’sRoom Best of the Week 72 is ready for you. It has been an incredible week for me: as artist because I’ve painted really a lot, and as art lover because I’ve had the opportunity of spending some time with C215 talking about art, graffiti and “vision”: really inspiring. I’ve also been at ROA’s exhibition at Stolen Space: pictures are on the way!

A Street Artwork by Icy and Sot

Icy and Sot

Let’s start introducing Icy and Sot, Iranian Street Artists. I know their works sometimes remember Banksy’s ones, but I have a huge respect for them anyway because they are painting illegally in Iran, often against their own society and rules, and I’m pretty sure they are seriously risking their lives to do so. Sometimes the message (especially if it’s a message of hope and freedom) it’s much more important than the fact stencils or style are similar to another artist. If you want to discover more about them, here their website.


And now my Best of the Week:

Traditional Art
A sculpture by David Kracov

The “Book of Life”, a stunning sculpture by David Kracov. This artwork and more here.

Digital Art
Digital Artwork by Andreas Preis

A really nice illustration by Andreas Preis. In this page you can find the full-size work and the original drawings, really worthy a visit.

Photograph of the Week
A nice animal photograph A great animal photograph, especially for the perspective. I suggest to have a look at the full-size picture to fully appreciate the camel shadows.
Video of the Week
A frame from Shepard Fairey Movie Trailer This is the trailer of a documentary about Shepard Fairey‘s artistic early life between reality and myth. It’s really worthy a watch.
Special of the Week
A Street Artwork by Olek Olek goes big, really big! Enjoy her new guerrilla crochet work.

All the artworks are copyrighted by the Artists, Renton’sRoom only uses these images to promote them.

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