Best of the Week #69

Another week on the end and another Best of the Week is ready for you, number 69 today. Before starting I want to share with you my happiness (if you follow me on Twitter or we are friends on Facebook you know this already!): after almost four years in London one of my dreams, working with an art gallery,  becomes reality: I’m now a proud member of Signal Gallery team! And I want also to thank you all, because your support really helps me to don’t give up. Thanks.


An artwork by Tom French

Tom French: Cowboy Balance - On Top, For Now


Let’s start introducing an artist I really like: his name is Tom French and here his website. I’m completely amazed by his style and I’ve found his latest works really great. He will exhibit in London the last week of April, if you are around don’t miss it!


And now my Best of the Week:

Traditional Art
A street artwork by Stencil Land

A great Street Artwork by Stencil Land. You can find this and other great artworks here.

Digital Art
A digital artwork by John Aslarona

An amazing digital portrait by John Aslarona. If you like his style as I do, here the full-size work.

Picture of the Week
A picture by Glenn Batkin This photograph by Glenn Batkin left me speechless, as for almost all the pictures in his portfolio. This is a great photographer, and I really recommend to have a look at his other photographs.
Video of the Week
A Street Artwork by Ludo A nice short documentary about Ludo‘s Street Art.
Special of the Week
A paper artwork by Joey Bates An amazing series of paper artworks by Joey Bates. I suggest to have a look at this collection, it’s really worthy.

All the artworks are copyrighted by the Artists, Renton’sRoom only uses these images to promote them.

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