Best of the Week #21

A stencil by OrticanoodlesAnother week already gone…. time is too fast here in London! It’s so fast that it’s very difficult sometimes to carry on with all your personal projects, so I’m still working on the new areas of the blog but be patient my friends: soon I will do a massive upgrade!

Last week I wrote about MadC and Elbow-Toe, this week it’s really a pleasure to feature Orticanoodles’ website: I really love their stencils, so complex and with such a unique style. I suggest also to have a look at their Flickr or DeviantArt to discover other amazing artworks.

And now my Best of the Week:

Traditional Art
Resurrection a work by CarlaTeresa

White pastel on black paper: this is Resurrection, a very nice artwork by CarlaTeresa. I really suggest to have a look at her portfolio, because she is really skilled both in traditional art and photography.

Digital Art
Kami-Kaze a work by Shichigoro756 Kami-kaze is another master piece of digital art. The artist, Shichigoro756, has a really great “digital” portfolio… I honestly think his Photoshop skills are really at “another level”!
Picture of the Week
A self portrait by Ejty Strong and intense, I really like Self, a self portrait by Ejty (Sonia), young but really talented photographer.
Video of the Week
A frame from Short on a piece of art by Phlegm Another street art video this week: Short on a piece of art by Phlegm. Enjoy this nice making of.
Special of the Week
A work by Finnian Macmanus This week’s special is a selection of 3D artworks made by Cromoart. All the artworks are by Finnian Macmanus, another young talent from Chicago. The image on the left is my MacManus favourite piece: Emanation. Have a look also at his portfolio, he really deserves!

All the artworks are copyrighted by the Artists, Renton’sRoom only uses these images to promote them.

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