Best of the Week #20

A street art piece by Elbow-ToeI’ve spent this last week living in Shoreditch between work, art shows and Shoreditch’s life so now I feel so inspired and ready to go back working on my personal art projects: hopefully I’ll post something mine (finally!) very soon!

After been at MadC solo show, I think I should carry on with street and graffiti artists, so let me introduce Elbow-Toe, a great street artist from Brooklyn. I really like his unique and complex style and I think he really brought street art to the next level. Enjoy his works!

And now my Best of the Week:

Traditional Art
London Big Scene a stencil by Demand-Design

London Big Scene is a great stencil work by Demand Design, talented (stencil) artist I’ve recently discovered in DeviantArt. I suggest to have a look also at his portfolio, it really deserve!

Digital Art
Silent Ego a digital work by DigitalHyperGfx Some digital artists are really a great inspiration for me: DigitalHyperGfx is one of this and Silent Ego is definitively a master piece. Here also his personal blog where you can find many other artworks.
Picture of the Week
Picture by Sollena This week I was looking for something “street” and when I found this nice picture by Sollena I really thought that’s it!
Video of the Week
A frame from the Art on the crosswalk Video Art on the crosswalk is another great example of Art helping the community: in this case urban artists saved many lives “forcing” people to use crosswalks. Great idea and great art!
Special of the Week
Frame from a video by Toni Orrico Definitively a must see: Toni Orrico makes art using his whole body as media! Check out some amazing pictures and video here!

All the artworks are copyrighted by the Artists, Renton’sRoom only uses these images to promote them.

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  1. sam (dekay_1981)    17/04/2011 at 11:27 pm

    hey bud, great blog.
    Thanks for adding my ‘London Big Scene’ to your best of the week :)

    • Renton     18/04/2011 at 8:14 am

      Thanks to you mate: it’s really a good stencil!