TRXTR – Pretty Lethal

I’ve discovered TRXTR‘s art not long time ago and since I didn’t have the opportunity of seeing any of his exhibitions yet, I cannot wait to go to ‘Pretty Letal‘, his first solo show in London.

Here the press release of the exhibition:

Heaven Bound, and artwork by TRXTRThe artist known as TRXTR has been building himself a very strong reputation on the Urban Art scene over the past five years, the evidence for this success being some recent notable auction results. He has shown his work in around the Bristol area and also in group shows in London and Los Angeles. This will be his first solo show in London.

TRXTR believes that in using a wide variety of techniques, he can create the effect of spontaneity and freedom that he is aiming for. His own (incomplete) list of techniques used ‘Chemical, digital and Polaroid photography, high resolution scans, large format archival printing, collage, painting, drawing’ says a lot about where he is coming from. This is not an artist who is wedded to any particular medium, but for him a rather more Machiavellian ‘ends justifies the means’ approach is favoured.┬áHe sees purist attitudes to techniques and mediums as ‘Ludditism’. ‘In a world where our senses are constantly over-stimulated with information what room is there left for oil on canvas’.

The work TRXTR has produced for the ‘Pretty Lethal’ show at Signal is the culmination of this period of experimentation and creative self-discovery. The works will show us as an eclectic mix of atmospheres and emotions, as the techniques he uses to produce them. Their overall effect is disturbing and alluring in equal measure. Concerns about exploitation, globalization and corruption appear over and over again, but the tone is ambivalent. He is not preaching to us, but reproducing some of the sickly sweet images of commercialism in a way that it is genuinely hard to tell if he is celebrating them or railing against them. This interesting and unsettling approach has something of effect of Jeff Koons work.

The works TRXTR has produced for the ‘Pretty Lethal’ will make a very strong introduction to his work for London audiences. Like Koons, we may find that audiences are split, between those who can and those who can’t see beyond the surface seductiveness of the work.


The show will run from the 2nd March to the 24th March (preview night the 1st March) and you can find more information on TRXTR’s website.

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